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Many Forms of Natural Psoriasis Treatments

Posted in Health: Diseases & Conditions: Skin Conditions  ~  June 02, 2013 02:48:35 PM

People that suffer from psoriasis will no doubt be searching for suitable treatment options. Something certainly needs to be done to treat the skin breakouts that lead to an itchy rash as well as the blemishes and even white colored flakes. It is however not all that easy to come up with a suitable psoriasis treatment – at least not one that will be a cure for psoriasis.

Though doctors know what causes psoriasis they have not as yet been able to come up with a psoriasis cure. However, it is still possible to choose from a number of different natural psoriasis treatment options – each of which will provide relief but will not cure the problem.

Natural Treatments For Psoriasis

  • The simplest natural psoriasis treatment is to allow your body to soak in natural energy from the sun in the form of Vitamin D that is effective in fighting psoriasis. In addition, you can take Vitamin D supplements though this is not quite as effective as soaking up the heat from the sun; however, too much exposure to the sun can lead to sunburn; so, apply a bit of sunscreen on the parts affected by psoriasis.
  • A second natural psoriasis treatment method worth trying out is to drink plenty of tea or even consume tablets of milk thistle, sarsaparilla as well as nettle leaves. In addition, it helps if you take regular dosages of flax seed and even fish oil with a typical dosage of fish oil being about fifteen hundred milligrams per day.
  • Yet another useful natural psoriasis treatment is taking a few tablespoons of granular lecithin which can be added to salads, soups, morning cereals as well as to smoothies. However, the granular lecithin should not be added to boiling water or used with cooking oil because of the risk of rapid oxidation which in turn can cause it to turn rancid.
  • You can also try a natural psoriasis treatment in the form of consuming plenty of inositol which is a Vitamin B and about one and a half grams of it should be sufficient to treat your psoriasis. Ensuring that you don't get too stressed out is another simple yet effective natural psoriasis treatment and so is drinking diluted quantities of apple cider vinegar.

Detoxification is another psoriasis alternative treatment and it is in fact quite possibly the best solution when it concerns controlling this skin disorder. Finally, you should also check out an herb called mahonia quifolium, better known as Oregon grape that is supposed to do wonders for anyone suffering from psoriasis. There are also natural psoriasis creams, that help provide relief from the itching and flaking. It is possible to use single treatment options; or a combination; the end results will be relief and less suffering.